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Lomonosov Moscow State University offers a world class education to everyone with the ability to benefit. Our courses are challenging and rigorous, guided and inspired by our highly qualified academic staff.

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics
Faculty of Physics
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Biology
Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
Faculty of Soil Science
Faculty of Geology
Faculty of Geography
Faculty of Materials Science
Faculty of Fundamental Medicine
Faculty of History
Faculty of Philology
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Economics
Higher School of Business Administration
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Journalism
Faculty of Psychology
The Institute of Asian and African Studies
Faculty of Sociology
Faculty of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Public Administration
Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
Faculty of World Politics
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Further Education
The Institute of Inservice Training for Lecturers in Arts and Social Studies
Inservice Training Centre for Research and Teaching Staff
MSU School of Economics
Faculty of Military Training
Department of Physical Education

Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
Governing Bodies and Administration:
MSU Senior Academic Council Secretary
Rector Counselors
Deputy Pro-Rectors
Assistants to the Rector
Assistants to Pro-Rectors
MSU Academic Council
Academic Policy and Degree Programs Management Department
Research Policy, Research Project Management and Informatization Department
Innovation Policy and Innovation Project Management Department
MSU International Cooperation Department
MSU 250th Anniversary Celebration Preparation Department
Educational Standards and Curricula and Syllabi Department
Administrative Policy Department
Human Resources and Personnel Policy Department
Social Development Department
Financial Services
General Accounting
Audit Services
Legal Department
Analytical Department
MSU Press
Media Centre
MSU Broadcasting Office
Work Safety Department
Emergency Situations Office

Scobeltsyn Nuclear Physics Research Institute
Research Institute of Mechanics
Shternberg State Institute of Astronomy
Belozersky Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology
Computational Research Center
Bogolubov Institute of Microworld
Institute of Complex Systems Mathematical Research
Anuchin Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology
MSU- RAS Research Institute of Soil Science
Institute of World Cultures
Russian-German Institute of Science and Culture

MSU Media Centre
MSU Emergency Centre
Center for International Education
Computational Research Centre
Kolmogorov Research Centre
Centre for Intensive Language Learning Programmes
International Laser Centre
Research Centre for Social Studies
Cross-Disciplinary Research Centre for Magnetic Tomography and Spectroscopy
Engineering Centre for Industrial Risk Assessment "Technorisk"
International Research Centre for Biochemical Technology
Centre for Social Science
Lyapunov Franco-Russian Centre for Applied Mathematics and IT technology
Research Centre for National Security
Research Centre for Molecular Medicine
Centre for Inservice Training for Specialists in Environmental Studies
Centre for Cultural Studies
Information Centre

MSU Academic Library
MSU Press

Museum of Earth Science
Anuchin Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology
Museum of Zoology
Museum of MSU History

Puschino MSU campus
Podmoskovny MSU campus (Chernogolovka)
Chernomorsky MSU campus (Sevastopol)
Kazakstan MSU campus

Centre for Academic Practices
Laboratory of Mathematic Aspects of Cryptography
Preparatory School
Interfaculty Department of Informational Technology
UNESCO International Hydrologic School

Kindergarten N 250
Kindergarten N 983
Kindergarten N 82
Kindergarten N 944
Kindergarten "Bolshevo"
Summer camp "Yunost"
Holiday center "Krasnovidovo"
Holiday hotel "Burevestnik"
Holiday hotel "Universitetsky"
Health Resort
Catering Service

MSU Engineering Office
Fire Prevention Group
Technical Service of Laboratory Building "A"
Technical Service of Laboratory Building "B"
Car Park

Accommodation Office
Security Office

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