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دروس فى علم الحاسوب

فى هذا الركن دروس علم الحاسوب سوف تجد معلومات ودروس مفصله عن تكنولوجيا الانترنت والكمبيوتر علم الحاسوب
حيث سنعرض بشكل مستمر لدروس فى مجالات الكمبيوتر المختلفه بلغه انجليزية موزعه بشكل دقيق كالتالى
أولاً دروس لغه
اللغة الأساسية فى بناء المواقع ومحتويات الويب يليها دروس لغات البرمجة المختلفه كالغات
Perl / PHP/ASP.NET/Cold Fusion
ثم تأتى بعد ذلك دروس برامج الصور والتصميم والرسم
ثم بعد ذلك دروس أنظمة التشغيل المختلفه ثم دروس برامج الأوفيس ودروس الشبكات والعديد من الدروس الأخرى
ملاحظة هذا القسم تحت التحديث حيث من المتوقع الانتهاء من اضافه كل هذه الدروس بشكل كامل
ودروس أخرى عديدة فى الأشهر القليله القادمة

Our tutorials include 6 main sections :
Page Building - Server Programming - Component Building
Operating systems - Microsoft Office Programs - Networks  tutorial

Page Building

All webpages are based on the simple HTML coding language. If you're new to webdesign this is where you should start.Once you've learned about that, you might want to add some "intelligence" to your pages with JavaScript. After that, you're ready to build a huge site, using CSS which allows you to separate the content from the design. When you know all about CSS and JavaScript you can mix them into a combination we refer to as Dynamic HTML - or simply DHTML. Finally, you may reach a point where these predefined languages just aren't enough. This is where XML becomes relevant. It isn't a language but rather a system for defining other languages.

Server Programming

PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages. You create pages with PHP and HTML. When a visitor opens the page, the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the results to the visitor's browser, just as with ASP or ColdFusion. Unlike ASP or ColdFusion, however, PHP is Open Source and cross platform.

ASP (active server pages) is among the most popular tools on the Web that will let you connect your webpages with a database on the server.

Cold Fusion is a server-side scripting language from Allaire. Its overall simplicity and tag based syntax make it easy to learn.

PERL is a free scripting language that exists in an open atmosphere where many people share codes for free. There are thousands of code pieces out there for entire solutions such as guestbooks, message boards etc, just waiting for you to customize them and get them up and running.

SSI - Server Side Include lets you write code pieces that are repeated throughout your site (for example a menu) in ONE place. Instead of having the same piece of code on 700 pages you simply add an SSI command in the HTML document and the server will include the linked code piece at exactly that point

Component Building

You probably want to spice up your site with a few graphics. Check the tutorials on various graphics programs to learn how to create the coolest effects.
Once you know all about cool effects with graphics programs, you need to make sure that your use of graphics is relevant. The various tutorials on design cover all important aspects - not from a program based approach - but from more of a psychological point of view.
Flash is the leading program for creating fast loading animations that can turn your site into a completely unique experience.
Finally you should check out our java tutorial. It will teach you to insert free java applets on your pages.
If you prefer to program the applets yourself, check out the java programming tutorials.

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