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Moscow State Big Circus on Vernadskogo prospect Address: Vernadskogo prospect, 7 Nearest Subway: Universitet  Phone: 495-930-6757, 495-930-0272 Fax: 495-930-4315 E-mail: bolshoi@orc.ru www.bolshoicircus.ru  Ticket office:daily from 10:00 till 19:00  Description: The circus was opened on the 30th of April, 1971. Illusionists, clowns, kangaroo, monkeys, dogs, Ussurian and Bengalian tigers perform shows. There is a cafe in the circus. An amusements ground is next to the circus.

The Nikulin Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy boulevard. Address: Tsvetnoy boulevard, 13 Nearest Subway: Tsvetnoi Bulvar  Phone: 495-200-0668 Fax: 495-200-0276 E-mail: info@circusnikulin.ru www.circusnikulin.ru  Ticket office:
From 11:00 to19:00 (fom 14:00 -15:00 lunchon break during the week, from 12:30 till 13:30 on Saturday and Sunday).  Description:One of the oldest circuses in Russia. Excellent shows, holidays celebrations for children, buffets and cafes.  

Vesselaya Arena (Merry Arena) Summer circus in Gorky Recreation Park  Address: Krymsky val ul., 9 Nearest Subway: Park Kultury, Oktyabrskaya Phone: (495)236-14-62 Ticket office:Shows start at 19:00 on Fridays, at 14:00 and 18:00 on Saturdays, at 13:00 and 17:00 on Sundays (tickets are available before shows).  Description:
There is a children's playground in front of the circus, a cafe. Jumps on a trampoline and parachute jumps from the circus dome are offered to children.

Animal's theatre named after V.L.Durov Address: Durova ul., 4 Nearest Subway: Prospekt Mira, Tsvetnoi Bulvar
Phone: 495-971-3047, 495-281-7222  www: www.ugolokdurova.ru  Ticket office:Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 till 17:00; Monday - day off (except vacation)  Description:The big stage - elephants, hippopotamus, horses, chimpanzee, poodles, parrots, clowns and feathered artists.
The small stage - foxes, cats, polecats, crows, pony, horse, funny clowns. "Mouse railway" attraction. In the museum of the theatre you will learn about the Durovs' dynasty and the history of the theatre.  

Circus "Antre"  Address: VVTs, near the fountain "Stone flower" Nearest Subway: VDNKh Phone: 495-216-1220
Description:The circus represents the program "The wonderful world of fantasy and adventures", clown-show "Dutiki" (Loess-dolls). In the program there are acrobats, jugglers, trained bears and dogs. The program takes place on Friday from 16.00, Saturday and Sunday at 14.00 and 16.00

Lobnensky forest park
Phone: 495-747-0486  Description:This big forest park is situated in an ecologically clean region near Moscow. A quiet, calm place for walking and rest. Rivers Ucha, Razderikha and Klyazma are borders of the park. Places of interest - a factory of miniature lacquered painting, painted caskets, Nikolskaya and Spasskaya churches, lake Kievskoe. Directions:32 km of Dmitrovskoye shosse  Comments to cover fee:admission free  What others are saying:Fedoskino village, famous with its miniature painting on varnished goods, is situated on the bank of Pyalovskoye reservoir. An old factory building is preserved. Church of Nikolay Wonder, an old lime park. Spasskaya church (end of the 18th century) is situated near Lobnya, in Kievo village. Burial mounds are found on the territory of the forest park.(According to materials of Moscow City Forest Management) Working hours:24 hours a day

Bogdanovsky forest park Nearest Subway: Domodedovskaya Phone: 495-549-1283 Description:Natural-historical reserve "Gorky" is situated in the southeast from forest park Moscow zone, to the south form MKAD. It consists of 5 forest parks - Memorial, Bogdanovsky, Kazansky, Korobovsky, Syanovsky. Bogdanovsky forest park is a usual place for calm walks. There are no special entertainments here. If you're interested in active rest and attractions, it's better to search for another place. But if you like to seat with a book in a picturesque park, Bogdanovsky forest park is what you need. Krestovozdvyzhensky convent (XIX century) is situated here. Lenin museum is situated not far from the park. Directions:Bus № 367 from "Domodedovskaya" metro station.  Comments to cover fee:Admission free. Working hours:24 hours a day

Trubetskie's estate in Khamovniki  Address: Usacheva ul., 1a Nearest Subway: Frunzenskaya Phone: 495-248-2700  Description:A good park for walks. On the territory there is a pond, orchard, winter garden with a collection of flowers, menagerie (horses, ponies). A country estate of the 18th century is an architectural monument. Football and basketball grounds, a skating rink in winter. Comments to cover fee:Free entrance  Working hours:
24 hours a day

Krasnogorsky forest park (Krasnogorsk town) Address: Krasnogorsk town - Nearest Subway: Tushinskaya Phone: 495-563-8891 Description:On the territory of the park recreation areas, children's playgrounds, a summer theatre are situated. Concerts and children's festivals take place every summer. Tennis-courts and "Zorky" stadium are situated near. Mountain-ski tracks. Comments to cover fee:Free entrance.  What others are saying:This territory was inhabited 3-4 thousand years B.C. Numerous archeological monuments of different ages witness this. In the 12-13th centuries Slavic tribes left burial mounds. In 1883 archaeologist A.I. Kelsiev found burial mounds near Mitino village with a 70-meter in height burial mound called "The Great Grave". In 1889 three burial mounds were found near Chernevo.(According to materials of Moscow City Forest Management)Working hours:24 hours a day

Moscow Museum of Military History (Setunsky stan) Address: 2nd Setunsky pr-d, 56 Nearest Subway: Kievskaya
Phone: 495-240-3533, 495-240-6190, 495-240-1215 Description:The museum is located on the territory of a historical and sports complex "Setunsky stan".Exposition: a reconstructed Slavonian fortress in the style of the 12th century, a forge, pottery and various items of Russia's military history. Excursion:Excursions for groups from 10 up to 200 people.Directions:From "Kievskaya" metro station (towards Mosfilm) by bus №91 or route taxi №137 to stop "2nd Setunsky proezd" . Then on foot to the right towards the iron gates with 2 armoured cars on each side.Exposition:weapon, military history, costume, architecture - Working hours:Visiting by agreement.
The previous excursion was in May, 17.The next excursion is to take place in the end of August.
Museum-apartment of A.M.Vasnetsov Address: Furmanny per., 13 Nearest Subway: Prospekt Vernadskogo, Chistyie Prudy, Krasnyie Vorota, Turgenevskaya, Sretensky Bulvar Phone: 495-208-9045, 495-281-1329  Description:The appartment where famous Russian artist lived in 1903-1933. The exposition presents a collection of Russian painting of the 19th century. Excursion:495-208-9045. In Russian. Excursion: 165 rbl. - for students, children, pensioners; 285 rbl. - for adults; 145 rbl. + a ticket - for foreigners.Exposition:memorial, art  Working hours:From 11:00 till 17:00 on Tuesday - Saturday.

Museum "Moscow Kremlin" Address: The Kremlin Nearest Subway: Arbatskaya (A-P Line), Biblioteka Lenina, Borovitskaya, Alexsandrovsky Sad-  Phone: 495-202-4256, 202-3776 (answering machine) Fax: 495-921-6323
www: www.kreml.ru-  Description:The Kremlin is the main
historical and cultural museum in Moscow. The Kremlin is a large complex of several cathedrals the Diamond fund and many other monuments. You will see the whole territory of the Kremlin and You will hear the history of the creation of the most interesting architectual constructions.
The Kremlin is the most popular museum both among Moscowers and foreign tourists. Not long ago all Kremlin constructions were restored.
Tickets order in the Kremlin ticket office not far from the Borovitskie Gates. 495-202-4256, 495-203-0349; Excursions in Russian, English, German and French.
Entrance fee - 220 rbl. to the Armory Museum.
The Kremlin territory and cathedrals sightseeing - 290 rbl. Exposition:orthodoxy, jewelry, costume, archaeology, architecture, ceramics, history, art-  Working hours:Monday-Wednesday, Friday-Sunday from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War-  Address: Bratiev Fonchenko ul., 10 Nearest Subway: Kutuzovskaya
Phone: 495-148-5550, 495-142-4185, 495-449-8089 Fax: 495-145-5558 Description:The museum is located in the Victory park. It was open in the middle of the 90th in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War in 1941 - 1945. Excursion:495-148-5550. In Russian. Excursions: 10 rbl. - for children and students, 15 rbl. - for adults, 110 rbl. - for foreigners. Exposition:military history  Working hours:10:00 - 17:00 Tuesday - Sunday, except last Thursday of a month
Museum and public centre named after A.D. Sakharov - Address: Zemlyanoi Val ul., 57, bld. 6- Nearest Subway: Kurskaya  Phone: 495-923-4115 E-mail: Sakharov.mus@g23.relcom.ru-  www.infoline.ru/g23/1780
Description:The hall of the major building of the museum is divided into several sections devoted to the Communist regime's victims, academician Sakharov and mobile expositions. All exhibitions of the museum are dedicated to fates and works of GULAG prisoners. The museum has its own library and an internet-centre.  Comments to prices:Admission free. Exposition:memorial-   Working hours:Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 till 19:00

Utreshsky dolphinarium of the Russian Academy of Sciences Address: Mironovskaya ul., 27-  Nearest Subway: Semyonovskaya  Phone: 495-369-7966  Ticket office:Daily from 11:00 till 18:00. Description:Where else can you see so many different sea animals? Shows with performing dolphins, whales and fur-seals. You can take some photos here or visit a special children's cafe. You can also buy souvenirs and toys here. Performances begin at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00.Comments to prices:Tickets: on weekdays - 50 rbl., at week-ends - 60 rbl.

Moscow State Zoo-  Address: Bol. Gruzinskaya ul., 1 Nearest Subway: Krasnopresnenskaya, Barrikadnaya Phone: 495-252-3580, 495-255-5375 - excursions booking-   Ticket office:Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.-  Description:It's one of the biggest and well-known Russian zoos. It became smart and comfortable after repair. It'll take some days to walk around the whole park territory. Children's cafes, souvenir shops, children's playgrounds are situated here. Underground cages, aquariums and the whole monkey house will please your children.  Comments to prices:70 rbls. an adult's ticket
Free entrance for children under 5, veterans, invalides.
5 rbls. for students, 10 rbls. for pensioners.

Exoterrarium  -  Address: Bol. Gruzinskaya str., 1, Zoo- Nearest Subway: Krasnopresnenskaya, Barrikadnaya
Phone: 495-252-3580, 495-255-5375-  E-mail: moscow-zoo@mtu-net.ru -  www: www.zoo.ru
Ticket office:daily from 10:00 till 18:00  Description:It is located in Moscow zoo and is a separate part of it. The entrance is paid separately. Different species of tropicopolitan fishes and animals that live in the Pacific and Indian oceans, and the Japanese sea, flora and fauna of the sea bottom. there are many endangered species of fish and plants. Comments to prices:25 rbl. for adults
5 rbl. for children plus a ticket to the Zoo (30 rbl. for adults, free entrance for children under 12, 5 rbl. for students and pensioners)
Gallery "Tochka (Znamenka ul.)"  Address: Znamenka ul., 13, bld. 4 Nearest Subway: Biblioteka Lenina, Borovitskaya Phone: 495-290-4587 Fax: 495-240-2276 E-mail: studio@phototochka.ru -  www.phototochka.ru
Ticket office:Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m.  Description:The gallery was founded in May, 2000. The place is usually closed for visitors. You'll have to make a prior agreement about visiting. The gallery organizes exhibitions and sell goods. Exposition:painting

Gallery "Murtuz" Address: Bol. Nikitskaya ul., 22, 2nd floor-  Nearest Subway: Arbatskaya (A-P Line), Biblioteka Lenina, Borovitskaya, Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, Alexsandrovsky Sad, Arbatskaya (Fil. Line)
Phone: 495-290-3139 Fax: 495-290-3139 E-mail: murtuz@iname.com - www: filine.centro.ru/Murtuz
Description:The gallery was founded in 1991. Here you can buy paintings, graphics, sculpture, applied art works by Moscow leading artists, antiques. All works of the collection reflect various tendencies in art: realism, social realism, surrealism, abstractionism, avant-gardism. By your order the gallery will organize an exhibition or select a collection of works, corresponding to a given theme or style. The gallery guarantees registration of licences at the purchased works of art for removal abroad. Comments to prices:Ticket - 50 rbl.  Exposition:realism, vanguard art, gobelin, graphic arts, painting, ceramics, arts & crafts  Working hours:Monday-Saturday from 11:00 till 19:00

Russian Exhibition Center, Pavilion Culture Address: Russian Exhibition Center (VVTs), Pavilion №66-  Nearest Subway: VDNKh-  Phone: 495-181-9481 Description:This pavilion was built in 1939 according to architect S.P.Polupanovs design. It was renovated in 1954. The total area amounts to 1305 sq.m. Exposition area is about 1238 sq.m. There are four exposition halls, which house art saloons representing artists works and works of different craftsmen. Gzhel, Zhostovo, Khokhloma, varnished miniature, Rostov's enamel, Kaliningrad's amber, Vologda's lace, jewelry from Yakutiya, Daghestan and Armenia, unique works of stone, ceramics and metal, sculptures, paintings.Comments to prices:Admission free. Exposition:fashion, graphic arts, painting, hohloma, сhina, arts & crafts-   Working hours:Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m., Saturday-Sunday from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m.
Gallery "Naive art gallery "Dar" (primitivism)" Address: Mal. Polyanka ul., 7/7, bld.5 Nearest Subway: Polyanka
Phone: 495-238-6554 Fax: 495-238-6554 Description:The gallery was opened in 1990 and is very popular among lovers of nonordinary art. If you don't know what "primitivism" is, then come here and you will like the atmosphere of the gallery. Comments to prices:free-  Exposition:national crafts  Working hours:Thursday - Saturday - from 14:00 till 17:00  

Gallery "Antiquary-Metropol"  Address: Teatralny pr-d, 2 Nearest Subway: Ploshchad Revolutsii, Teatralnaya
Phone: 495-927-6978  Description:Paintings in heavy gilded frames, elegant landscapes and still lives in best classic traditions - all these you can see in Antiquary-Metropol. It is very good, expensive and beautiful. All we can add is that it is one of the best antiquary galleries. Here you can admire antique beauty to your hearts content.  Comments to prices:Admission free.  Exposition:antiquary  Working hours:Monday Friday from 11 a.m. till 8 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m., Sunday from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m.

TsDKh (Central House of Artists)  Address: Krymsky val ul., 10 Nearest Subway: Park Kultury, Oktyabrskaya
Phone: (495)238-9843, 238-9634  Description:One of the most popular Moscow museums after the Tretyakov Art Gallery.This huge three-storeyed complex offers a great number of exhibitions on different subjects. They frequently change expositions, moreover international competitions and exhibitions are regularly held here. On the ground floor there are art-salons and shops where you can find many interesting works of art. Talented Russian artists, sculptors and jewellers sell their works there. Besides, the museum houses different painting study groups and schools, also a small concert hall. "Gallery of Anna Boulyanskaya" is situated here.  Comments to prices:Ticket - 75 rbls; for students, schoolchildren and pensioners - 30 rbls. Directions:From "Park Kultury" metro station by trolleybus B, 10 to "Gorky park" stop.On foot along Krymsky bridge or from "Oktyabrskaya" metro station.  What others are saying:People come here to see both good antique and bad antique, boring landscapes and magnificent works of a genius etching-painter from Siberia for the same price. If you try to see all collections occupying two and a half levels you will hardly spend there more than two hours and a half. Annual "Art Salon", "Advertising and Design", "Architecture and Design" shows and "Art-Moscow" modern arts fair are held there regularly. "Antique Salon" is organized twice a year in March and in October. "Art Salon" might be missed but other events are worth seeing. . (Moscow 2000, city guide). Working hours:Tuesday-Sunday from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m.

"State Сentre of Modern Arts"  Address: The Polenov's House, Zoologicheskaya ul., 13 Nearest Subway: Barrikadnaya -  Phone: (495)254-84-92/06-22 Fax: (495)254-84-92 -  E-mail: ncca@ncca.ru-  www: www.ncca.ru
Description:The State centre of modern art is a museum-exhibition and research organization. It was established by Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in 1992. Activity of the Centre is directed towards development of native art, forming and realization of programs and projects in the sphere of modern art, architecture and design in this country and abrouad. Items from the collection of the Centre presents artistic novations to native visitors and show the level of modern Russian art to foreigners. In the near future the centre plans to enlarge its collection and include the most interesting works of foreign artists in it. A guide of the Centre will tell persons interested about all peculiarities of the expositions. Comments to prices:Excursions are free.  Working hours:From noon till 7 p.m. (except Monday)

Sokolniki Cultural Exhibition Center -  Address: 1, pavilion 4, Sokolnichesky val Nearest Subway: Sokolniki
Phone: 495-268-6323 Fax: 495-268-0891 E-mail: info@exposokol.ru  Description:Sokolniki Cultural Exhibition Center is one of the leading exhibition organizations in Russia. Exhibitions, which take into account the interests of producers and consumers, are held here. Sokolniki Exhibition center is a member of the Exhibition and Fair Union of CIS and Baltic countries. Every year more than 20 international, national and specialized exhibitions take place here. During these exhibitions different symposiums, conferences, seminars, round-table discussions are held. Stroiteh (building techniques), Evroexpomebel (European export of furniture), Etiketka (Lable), Rosupak (Russian packing), PoligraphInter (poligraphy) became most popular among them.  Comments to prices:Ticket price depends on the exhibition. Working hours:from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

VVTs (Russian Exhibition Centre)  Address: Mira pr-t, VVTs Nearest Subway: VDNKh Phone: 495-748-3400
Operator works till 6:00 p.m., then - answerphone. Fax: 495-748-3446 -E-mail: info@vvcenter.org-  www.vvcenter.com -   Description:The opening of All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSHV- AUAE) took place on the 1st of August 1939.In the beginning of June 1956 All-Union Industrial Exhibition began to work at the territory of AUAE. The showing of wide range of major science achievements and industry advanced experience was its main idea.On the 28th of May 1958 it was decided to combine agricultural, industrial and building (that worked in Moscow on Krymskyi Val street since 1930) exhibitions into one - the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR (VDNH- EANE of USSR).
On the 23rd of June 1992 VDNH was renamed into State Joint-stock company Russian Exhibition Centre (VVTS REC).Nowadays different exhibition and fair undertakings, dedicated to different fields of industry, science, agriculture and non-material spheres, are held here.There are the following attractions: the biggest in Europe big dipper "Moscow-850" (70 meters in diameter), small big dipper "Butterfly", "dead loop", "Autodrom", swings "Bee", "Sailor" and "Mars" with a full overturn, merry-go-round "Comet", and a Horror pavilion.
Comments to prices:Free entrance on exhibitions.
Ticket cost for attractions - 100-180 rbl. Directions:"VDNKh" tube station, then - 200 meters afoot. Working hours:
Daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.Attractions work every day from noon till 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 11:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. on weekends.

Expocenter  - Address: Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14  Nearest Subway: Ulitsa 1905 Goda -  Phone: 495-255-3799, 495-205-2800 Fax: 495-205-7210 E-mail: centr@expocentr.ru Description:"Expocenter" Exhibition complex has got seven pavilions with the total area of 60000 sq.m and 30000 sq.m of the open territory.
The exhibitors have four halls at their disposal, where they organize symposiums, press conferences, presentations, lectures and business meetings. Since 1959 the Expocenter has conducted international and foreign exhibitions and organized national and joint expositions at trade-fairs held abroad.Comments to prices:
Ticket - 30-60 roubles.Directions:From metro station by bus № 12 to "Vystavochny Complex" stop.Working hours:Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.; Sunday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Restauraunt "1001 nights" Address: Profsoyuznaya ul., 14/7 Nearest Subway: Akademicheskaya Phone: (495)125-4635 Description:The restaurant has two halls. "1001 nights" hall is a cozy oriental restaurant, where you can taste dishes of Uzbek cuisine and enjoy oriental dances (on weekdays from 8 p.m.).
"Podval" hall - European cuisine. Every evening on weekdays the guitar plays (from 8 p.m.); erotic shows - from 9 p.m. till 11 p.m.In the bar there is a wide choice of beer on tap; satellite TV.
In the restaurant parties and banquets can be organized (for up to 30 people). Business lunch (from noon till 4 p.m.) - 198 rbl. It can be delivered to your office. A guarded parking. Comments to prices:Dinner for two, excluding alcohol - 600-2000 rbl. Working hours:Daily from noon till midnight.

Billiard Club "AS Billiard club" Address: Krasnoprudny per., 7 Nearest Subway: Komsomolskaya Phone: 495-975-2965  Description:There is only a banquet hall here, so you will only meet the youth at wedding ceremonies. Mainly persons, whose anniversaries are celebrated, reserve the hall. Heavy oval tables, mirror ceilings and lots of wall mirrors. You will be allowed to bring fruit, vegetables and even your music band. There are four tables in the billiard hall. Visitors smoke and relax on a black leather angular sofa.
Karaoke-room for 20 people. Bar, restaurant, billiards. Reservation of tables is desirable.  Comments to prices:
180 rbl./hour - Russian billiards.$120 per month - Russian billiard coach.Karaoke:$30 - cover fee from 18:00 till 23:00.There are cold collations in the bar.Drinks: from 50 rbl - bottled beer (0.5). No vodka.Dinner for two, excluding alcohol - 1000 rbl. Working hours:From 14:00 till the last visitor.


Restauraunt "Hin-no Taki" Address: Bol. Yakimanka ul., 58 Nearest Subway: Oktyabrskaya, Polyanka Phone: (495) 238-9533, 238-2745 Description:The cooks of "Hin-no taki" (Silver waterfall) are really Japanese, as well as most waitresses, at least they all wear kimono. The menu is very good, especially for a fast food restaurant: 200 rbl. - shashlyk with beer, 600-700 rbl. - dinner with sushi, sashini, etc. Italian home-made wine (50 rbl. a glass). If you like black tea you`ll be offered Lipton tea bags only, but there are different kinds of green tea in a kettle. One big plus is the interior designed in Japanese style; wooden futniture makes the restaurant more comfortable. Karaoke. Credit Cards:- Master Card, Visa  Comments to prices:Dinner for two, excluding alcohol - from $40.Karaoke - 25 rbl. per song. Working hours:Daily from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m., karaoke from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m.

Entertainment Center "Champion" Address: Leningradskoe shosse, 16 Nearest Subway: Voikovskaya Phone: (495) 785-88-85 www: www.champion.ru  Description:This is one of the largest sports-entertaining complexes and bowling-centres in the capital, equipped in accordance with the highest standards of modern show business. The originality of the centre is in the spectrum of rendered services and entertainments, therefore the club is visited by guests of different ages, and each of them can find an entertainment to his taste: 30 lanes of bowling, 34 billiard tables, rock-climbing (with licenced instructors), Q-Zar game (kind of paintball indoors), 55 playing machines, 7 different bars, 5 rooms with karaoke, as well as a restaurant, playground, computer hall and dance floor. On large screen you can watch broadcasts of matches, Formula-1 and other sports event. Every month there are amature competitions. Everybody can take part in them. 10% and 20% discount cards. You can reserve lanes. In the club there are two billiard halls, but you can't reserve tables there. One of them always opens 2 hours later than the club. A shop of billiard accessoires. Starting from May 14 having played 2 hours of pool, you get 1 extra free of charge after 2 a.m. Every Thursday there is a drawing held - journey for two to different countries. Organization of corporative actions, banquets, birthdays for groups from 10 up to 1000 people and more. Organization of bowling, billiard, Q-Zar tournaments. Top days - Friday and Saturday. 25% discount for billiard on Monday. There are many people in the clubon daysof different sport events such as football and Formula-1. All other days are rather quiet. Every player can get help of a trainer.
In the "Champion" there is the "KUBE" club, where discotheques, show programs, contests and lotteries are organized on Thursday-Sunday. you can also see strip-tease here. The club opens at 10 p.m.
Credit Cards:STB, Maestro, Visa Electron, JCB, Diners Club, Union, Amreican Express, Euro Card, Master Card, Visa  Comments to prices:Bowling:
Monday-Thursday from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. - 400 rbl. per hour + free pizza; from 7 p.m. till 4 a.m. - 600 rbl. per hour; from 4 a.m. till 6 a.m. - 400 rbl.Friday-Sunday from noon till 5 p.m. - 600 rbl., from 5 p.m. till 6 a.m. - 750 rbl.
American pool - 120-200 rbl.; Russian billiards - 200-300 rbl.; snooker - 120-200 rbl.
Q-zar (laser game): 15 min. - 1400 rbl., 30 min. - 2100 rbl., 1 hour - 2800 rbl.
Beer in the bar - 30-105 rbl.Rock-drome - 30 (15 min.) - 140 rbl. (1 hour), season ticket - 700 rbl. (10 hours).
Dinner for two, excluding alcohol - 1000-3000 rbl.
On Thursday and Sunday admission to the "KUBE" club is free; on Friday and Saturday for women - 150 rbl., for men - 200 rbl. Working hours:Monday-Friday from 5 p.m. till 6 a.m., Saturday-Sunday from 12 p.m. till 6 a.m.

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