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Airport "Scheremetievo-2"
Address: Scheremetievo-2
Phone: 495-578-9101; 495-956-4666 - arrival, departure; 495-258-6614- handing over of cargo; 495-258-6614 - shipment of cargo; 495-258-6614- arrival of cargo; 495-578-7464- missing luggage; 495-578-2120 - custom office

Airport "Bykovo-Avia"
Address: Ramensky region, Bykovo village, Sovetskaya ul., 19.
Phone: 495-913-5123, 495-554-8073, 495-558-4738 - arrival, departure
495-558-4055 - cargo handing over
495-558-4055 - shipment of cargo
495-558-4056 - arrival of cargo
495-558-4154 - missing luggage
495-558-4713- customs  
Description:"Vnoukovo" airport is the oldest one in Moscow. Aircrafts: Yak-40, Yak-42, An-12, An-24, An-26, An-30, An-72, An-74, L-410, Il-18.
Il-76 and Tu-134 (with some restrictions). All types of helicopters.
Air trip is 2210 meters. Carrying capacity is 400 passangers per hour. All necessary infrastructure to maintain constant work of the airport. A modern Centre of business aviation for VIP passangers and official delegations.
30 daily regular flights to Anapa, Gelenzhik, Magnitogorsk, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, etc. Charter flights to Saratov, Erevan, Bougoulma, Perm, Kostroma, Lipetsk and other Russian towns as well as abroad flights.

Airport "Domodedovo"
Address: By car: along Kashirskoe highway till turning to Vnukovo.
By bus: from "Domodedovskaya" metro station to "Domodedovo" airport.
By train: from Pavaletsky terminal to "Domodedovo" station.
Phone: Referral service: 495-933-6666, quality control service: 495-323-8652, custom house: 495-323-8852, 495-323-8861, frontier control service: 495-323-8551, line department of domestic affairs: 495-323-8278, VIP-hall: 495-323-8655, 495-323-8400, "Airotel": 495-323-8647, 495-795-3868, immigration service: 495-323-8665, veterinary control: 495-323-8574 (24 часа), phytocontrol: 495-323-8902 (24 hours), room for mothers and children: 495-323-8361 (ext.: 29-77), medical department: 495-323-86-75 (24 hours), luggage office: 495-323-8361 (ext.: 50-34), unclaimed luggage office: 495-323-8643(24 hours a day).
E-mail: avs@eastline.ru
www: http://www.domodedovo.ru/  
Description: "Domodedovo" airport, the biggest and most promising one in Russia takes the first place in domestic and international flights and goods transportations to Caucasus, Ural, Srednaya Asia, Siberia and Far East, central regions of Russia and CIS. At present there are flights to Europe, Asia, America, Egypt, China, Syria, Pakistan, OAE, India, Thailand.
A new reconstructed airport "Domodedovo" is a modern passenger terminal offering its clients European class services. A four stars first class comfortable hotel "Domodedovo Airhotel". The airport airdrome is considered to be the best in equipment and infrastructure. Accident prevention in air has top priority in East Line Group. Thanks to the Air Safety service work the situation in "Domodedovo" airport has fundamentally changed. Now it is one of the safest airports in the country

Airport "Vnukovo"
Address: Borovskoe schosse, 11th km
Phone: 495-436-2813; 495-436-2813 - arrival, departure; 495-436-2081- handing over of cargo; 495-436-2081 - shipment of cargo; 495-436-2081- arrival of cargo; 495-436-2281- custom house.
www: http://www.vnukovo-airport.ru/  
Description:International Moscow airport Vnukovo, situated 11 km away from Moscow, is one of the largest airports in Russia.
In the airport there are over 80 regular flights in Russia, to Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey.
The main runway meets all modern requirements, what ensures safety and regularity of flights

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