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Moscow Apartments for Rent  For Arab visitors to Moscow
Note: RU4ARAB.RU is an information resource. We provide information about possible rental opportunities in Moscow online.We want to ensure and sustain the high quality of information on our website, thus, we will appreciate if you send us your feedback about the apartments, so that we can share it with others and control the quality of the apartments presented on this site..
Please, see a list below of recommended apartments for rent in Moscow  
Recommended Apartments in Moscow:
This apartment is the best choice for those, who want comfort for budget price. It is conveniently located in a quiet residential area in the center of Moscow, close to Belorusskaya metro.
Type & Price: Budget, from $35 / night.
Rooms: 2. Sleeps: 3. Floor: 3 of 9.
Location: Belorusskaya metro
Facilities: maid service, telephone, color tv, kitchen, intercom, safe metal door, balcony.
This apartment has all the extras Moscow Rick provides (like 24-hour assistance, good advice, daily service), and has the lowest price.
Conveniently located just next to the central Sukharevskaya metro (with a lot of really good places to go out just next door), it is well-designed and fully equipped to make your life in Moscow easier and more enjoyable..
Type & Price: Moderate, from $60 / night.
Rooms: 2. Sleeps: 3. Floor: 5 of 14.
Location: Sukharevskaya metro
Facilities: daily maid service, king-size bed, color tv, vcr, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, microwave, intercom, secure metal door, balcony, 24-hour assistance.
GARDEN RING Rd. Of all the high-quality apartments Moscow Rick offers, this is the very best. For those accustomed to the $350-500/night suites at quality luxury hotels in Moscow, this would be a great alternative at a fraction of the cost.
The apartment is very large and has a very nicely designed interior (view the video for complete details) and all amenities. Highly recommended.
Type & Price: Luxury, from $120 / night.
Rooms: 3. Sleeps: 8(!). Floor: 6 of 7.
Location: Sukharevskaya metro
Facilities: maid service, king-size bed, satellite tv channels, vcr, stereo, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, microwave, intercom, secure metal door, great view, balcony, 24-hour assistance (English & Russian).
TVERSKAYA St. This luxury apartment is located on Tverskaya street just next to Tverskaya metro. The location is superb if you want to explore the realities of Moscow nightlife and to have easy access to the main sights and museums. All the best restaurants, clubs, theaters in Moscow are just a moment away.
Type & Price: Luxury, from $75 / night.
Rooms: 1. Sleeps: 2. Floor: 7 of 9.
Location: Tverskaya metro
Facilities: daily maid service, telephone, king-size bed, satellite TV channels, microwave, washing machine, fully equipped kitchen, intercom, secure metal door, great view

ОКЕАН   Тел: 238-9011 Факс: 238-8643 ,наб. Кадашевская 6/1 стр.3 ,м.ТРЕТЬЯКОВСКАЯ

ПАРИТЕТ Тел: 951-1645 Факс: 951-1645 ,туп. Ордынский 5А ,м.ТРЕТЬЯКОВСКАЯ

КУРС Тел: 234-4004 Факс: 234-4004 ,ул. Болотная 18,м.НОВОКУЗНЕЦКАЯ

ГИЛЬДИЯ НА СОФИЙСКОЙ  Тел: 953-0666 Факс: 953-5425 ,ул. Болотная 14 офис 2 ,м.НОВОКУЗНЕЦКАЯ

НАФТАМ Тел: 238-7418 Тел: 238-9968 Факс: 230-2967 ,пер. Голутвинский 3-й 10 стр.6 ,м.ПОЛЯНКА

ЛЕМ Тел: 959-1035 ,ул. Серафимовича 2 ,м.КРОПОТКИНСКАЯ

ЦКН Тел: 232-5591 ,ул. Полянка Бол. 7/10 ,м.ПОЛЯНКА

КМЗ-МОНТАЖ Тел: 202-0516 Факс: 202-1183 ,пер. Толмачевский Бол. 5 ,м.ТРЕТЬЯКОВСКАЯ

КИТАЙ-ГОРОД Тел: 239-9366 Тел: 239-9532 Факс: 239-9123 ,пер. Толмачевский Бол.

РИВЬЕРА Тел: 234-9606 Тел: 239-9004 ,пер. Толмачевский Бол. 5 офис 320 ,м.ТРЕТЬЯКОВСКАЯ

АТЛАНТИК Тел: 239-9971 ,пер. Толмачевский Бол. 5 .м.ТРЕТЬЯКОВСКАЯ

ЖИЛИЩНЫЙ КАПИТАЛ Тел: 953-4790 Факс: 959-0747 ,пер. Лаврушинский 17/5 ,м.ТРЕТЬЯКОВСКАЯ

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